Citrine Bottle Necklace with Silver Colored Chain

Citrine Bottle Necklace with Silver Colored Chain

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Light | Happiness | Abundance

Citrine is a happy stone full of light, warmth and abundance. Powerful of manifestation, it helps one to achieve goals. Clears negative energies by breaking up, dissolving and grounding them. It will never absorb negativity and will never need energetic cleansing. Strengthens mental clarity, confidence and will power. Enhances the inner light and sparks intuition, creativity and imagination. 

A beautiful and unique perfume bottle pendant necklace made from natural stones. 

Open the lid, use the included dropper to insert your favorite perfume or essential oils into the bottle and wear it. Your body heat will softly diffuse the scent inside. Wear on your neck, hang in your window or wherever you feel is right. 

Chain is approximately 18" + 2" extender. Available in multiple colors and shapes.

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